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Weve been in Ghana three days now and weve already seen most of Accra. The company that were working with (that are doing our orientation) SYTO: Student Youth and Travel Organisation, are really good. We have a lady called Tina whos giving the talks, she acts as the mother figure on your trip and we have a tour guide Vincent who knows his way around everywhere, and seems to know everyone too.
Were in a hostel called the 'Pink Hostel' which feels very safe, but as I imagine most hostels to be, is very basic. Originally I was sharing a room with 5 people but we upgraded our room to a twin so we have a bit more space now.
What people say about Ghanians being the friendliest people is deffinatly true. Other than the odd misrable person, everyone seems to be so friendly. They all shout 'Welcome to Ghana' as we walk along the street and ask for our names and where were from, they seem genuinly interested as well, not that they want to see you stuff.
Yesterday we went to 'La Pleasure Beach' on an afternoon tour with SYTO, the beach is gorgeous, the waves come right up the shore and the sand is so clean. In fact someone had made a sand sculpture in the sand. We also went to a place in Accra where they build coffins for people. Normally this would be incredibly boring but actually in Ghana funerals are like a week celebration where you celebrate peoples lives instead of mouring them. There are obituaries everywhere, inviting the whole city to the funeral to have a good time. In this place they have coffins to suit the person they are made for. For example if you were a pilot you would be laid to rest in a plane shaped coffin.
Today we went to the market place in Accra which is the second largest in Ghana. It was crazy! It was so busy and everyone was talking and shouting. It wasnt anything like an english market. All the people were selling pigs hooves, spices, fruit they had picked, jewellery and even giant snails. The woman who was selling the snails saw me looking and came over nad made me hold one. It came out of its shell as soon as i picked it up and slithered in midair, it was disgusting... Sometimes the people in the markets can become a bit overwhelming, we had to almost push our way through a big group of people today to get back onto our bus becasue they hassle you so much.
The food here is okay. Considering im so fussy ive actually been eating quite well. There is a lot of fish, rice and goats meat too. Some typical dishes are 'Red Red' which is fried bananna over the top of yams, beans and chillies. Its very spicy!!! Then there is 'Jolloff' which is spicy rice, it usually comes with chicken on goat. We saw our bus driver have Goat Fufu today too, which is a big pot of soup with some goats meat in the middle and an unbaked dough on top. You eat that with your hands. At the beach one of the other volounteers got served a whole cooked fish, teeth and everything, but apparently it was nice.
I do like it in Ghana so far though. Im not sure when ill be able to write again because where we are going on friday- Yamah near to Walewale which has no electricity. Im sure that will be much more challenging for us then being in a fully air conditioned hostel with an ensuite. But well jump that hurdle when we get there.\
Untill Then

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An Introduction


Hello. Im getting ready to go away for ten months off to (mostly) third world countries to volounteer with local community projects. Were going with a company called Real gap who act as a sort of travel agent to set you up with these local projects.

Heres a brief itinery:

Ghana Community Volunteers - 8 weeks Starts 3 Oct 2010

Cambodia Orphanage Volunteers Phnom Penh - 4 weeks Starts 4 Dec 2010

Highlights of Vietnam Tour - 14 days - COMBO OPTION Starts 1 Jan 2011

Vietnam Children's Hospital Volunteer and tour - 4 weeks - Starts 16 Jan 2011

Oz Experience - Bruce pass (Sydney to Cairns) 4 weeks 16 Feb 2011

Kiwi Experience - Full Monty 8 weeks 16 March

Peru Experience - 4 weeks Trekking Option Starts 2 May 2011

Guatemala House Building Volunteers - 4 weeks Starts 29 May 2011

We leave on the third of october as stated above so my next post will be around then.



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