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House 2 and Tikal 15.06.2011
Photoss!!! And a quick update. 09.06.2011
An Encounter with a Peruvian Thief, Julicrapper n Guatamala 07.06.2011
The Lares Trek to Machu Pichu and Some Stuff I missed out... 22.05.2011
End of New Zealand, a little bit of Chile and Peru [= 16.05.2011
New Zealand Part 2. 04.04.2011
New Zealand! From Auckland to Queenstown 23.03.2011
Australia and New Zealand Photos :) 07.03.2011
Magnetic Island- Cairns- NZ- Auckland- Bay of Islands. 01.03.2011
Off to Cairns Tomorrow :) 20.02.2011
Australia :) And a bloody bad headache! 15.02.2011
A very long week in hanoi... 29.01.2011
A couple of Photos from Vietnam 17.01.2011
The Vietnam Tour (from hot to cold!) 17.01.2011
First week in Vietnam, Cockroach day, New Years and Phu Quoc 07.01.2011
Brilliant Xmas 29.12.2010
The day before xmas eve... and it still feels like July. 23.12.2010
First Night 19.12.2010
The last few days... 18.12.2010
First Week In Cambodia 09.12.2010
Just a quick one... 06.12.2010
A trip to Sirigu, a festival, six hour wait and cold cabbage 18.11.2010
Since the Last time.... 06.11.2010
It's been a long two weeks.... 21.10.2010
Last Few Days In Accra 07.10.2010
Ghana 05.10.2010
An Introduction 29.07.2010